Prince Edward Island

Beautiful, bucolic Prince Edward Island. A cycling paradise, especially when the sun shines

Beautiful, bucolic Prince Edward Island. A cycling paradise, especially when the sun shines

While it may not be on everybody's A list of bike tour destinations, Prince Edward Island has a lot going for it when it comes to cycle touring. It's small and compact, so things aren't huge distances apart, it's reasonably flat (note reasonably, as in not completely), has a well developed system of traffic-free cycle trails (Confederation Trail), a number of scenic backroads (red dirt roads), vast amount of scenic beauty, (especially if you like beaches & coastline), a number of pleasant towns & villages, and, because it gets a huge number of summer visitors, the infrastructure necessary for pleasant cycle touring exists, like restaurants, attractions, B&Bs signage and so on.

If there’s a downside, its that the season is short and intense. Your choices are go in season, July & August (reservations required, trust us on this) when it's hopping but crowded, or the very short off season, mid-late June or early September. We chose early September, and it worked out just fine, even if some things where closed.

We start our tour in Charlottetown, the biggest town on the island and close to the airport. We head out on the Confederation Trail towards Stanley Bridge with it's famous music venue (not to be missed), continue on through Cavendish & Anne of Green Gables land, then continue on along the wild and rugged north coast to the villages of Dalvay and Saint Peters. From there, we wind our way east along the coast, then turn south still along the coast the the village of Souris. From Souris, we continue more or less along the coast, less wild and rugged but equally bucolic, to the historic town Georgetown. From Georgetown we pick up the Confederation trail once again and head back to Charlottetown via Mount Steward and another great music venue.

Our tour is 12 days, focusing on the northeast corner of the island, which looked like the best part to us. You easily do all or any part, or mix things up as you wis